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 Southern California Paranormal GroupValley Investigators of the Paranormal, based out of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California is a  paranormal team known and respected across the country. We've appeared on TV shows such as Haunted History, Haunted Encounters, My Ghost Story and Ghost Adventures.  We have also been featured in newspapers and on radio shows.  Please check out our list of accomplishments

Dealing with the unknown can be frightening, disturbing and may leave many questions.  If you're experiencing unexplained phenomena such as objects moving, voices or unusual sounds being heard, shadows being seen or a sudden disruption in life that's not due to any logical reason, then we're here to help. We treat each case individually and with care. 

Valley Investigators of the Paranormal maintains a high level of integrity and confidentiality with all  investigations including a comprehensive review of evidence gathered. Our main goal is to help people and businesses troubled by paranormal activity.



By using the latest technology we apply an investigative and scientific method to find out why the activity is occurring and come to the conclusion of whether it’s truly paranormal or of if there’s a natural/scientific reason.

 Email  for a confidential consultation if you believe your location may be haunted and you would like a Private Investigation.   While we focus on Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, no location is too far or case too large for Valley Investigators of the Paranormal.


 Face of a miner captured in an abandoned ghost town near Los Angeles 


Photo given to us by a client at South Gate Legion Hall.  The bartender had left her phone at the bar with no one else there and this is what she found the next morning. 

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